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Introduction to N.W.U.N

Northwest University for Nationalities was established in August 1950, directly under the leadership of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. It was the first minorities' university following the founding of the PRC.

Northwest University for Nationalities is divided into two campuses. The original campus in Cheng Guan and the new campus in Yu Zhong, covering an area of 2880 Chinese mu. After 60 years of continuous development, the school has formed a co-ordinated strategy with undergraduate courses as its main focus, while also offering postgraduate courses, preparatory courses, continuing & vocational education and international education. This university offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary classes at the three levels of bachelors, masters, and doctors degrees. So far the school has 56 nationalities and full-time students more than 22000.
The school has offered undergraduate courses in 59 specialized subjects in 12disciplines: Philosophy, Economics, Law, Educational Sciences, Literature, Historiography, Science, Engineering, Agronomy, Medicine and Management Science. Master's degrees are offered in 31 subjects and doctor's degree in one. Among these there are 3 key disciplines of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and 4 key disciplines of Gansu Province.

At present, the library boasts a collection of about 2.21 million books: 1,370,000 paper books and 840,000 electronic books. The University Museum contains around 1,500 cultural and historical relics, of which there are 117 state third-class cultural relics. The books,reference materials and the collection of cultural relics have vivid national characteristics.

School insists on open teaching, and actively expand foreign exchange and cooperation, and becoming the important window of the state national policy and foreign relations.We successively established exchanges and cooperation with the university and scientific research institution of United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and other dozens of countries; While hold 8 large international academic conferences successfully and has invited more than 150 long-term foreign experts and 400 a short-term foreign experts and teachers , receiving more than 400 international students

Why we choose Northwest University for Nationalities?

Why we choose Northwest University for Nationalities (N.W.U.N)? No matter what subjective or objective opinions from the outside world, there are lots of reasons for these who want to learn at (N.W.U.N). The major advantages of learning at (N.W.U.N) are as follows:
A. Northwest University for Nationalities is characterized by some special or unique fields of studies nation-wide. It is a sound place for the overseas students to learn these subjects such as: Tibetan Language and Literature, Mongolian language and Literature, Dance, History, Clinical Medicine, and so on.
B. Northwest University for Nationalities has a long history on the aspects of teaching overseas students Chinese Language and Literature. According to the actual situation of each overseas student, our university sets up small classes to teach them.
C. Northwest University for Nationalities is the first batch of universities authorized by the Ministry of Education that has the right to recruiting oversea students since the years of 1995 in Gansu Province. Year by year, both the school and the teachers have experienced well in the faced of administering and teaching oversea students.
D. Low consumption. As we all know, compared with other parts of china, the consumption of the common people in Lanzhou City is much lower than others in china. Namely, the fee of studying at N.W.U.N is lower than other Universities.
E. The well-considered living condition, we have prepared enough dormitories for oversea students on the campus, therefore, you will enjoy learning at the first day of taking classes there.
F. According to the difference eating habits, the University offers two kinds of canteen. Namely, the canteen for masses and for the Muslim. Therefore, if you are Muslim people, it makes your life more convenient.